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Ferrari Demi-Sec

Sweet and lively sensations

Over 20 months of ageing in bottle for this Demi-Sec that is semi-sweet, with a distinctive roundedness: a Trentodoc that makes a perfect end to your meal.

Colour and perlage

Deep straw yellow, with a persistent perlage.


A broad bouquet of citrus fruits, ripe Golden Delicious apples, wisteria and wild flowers, accompanied by a pleasant fragrance of yeast, deriving from over two years’ ageing in bottle.


Sweetish and harmonious, with an attractive flavour of ripe fruit and hints of pastry perfectly matched by a pleasing roundedness.

The velvety embrace
of bubbles,
to end on a sweet note.


Sbrisolona cake

"This cake originated in Mantua, and became famous in the 17th century at the court of the Gonzagas. The name refers to its characteristic crumbliness: in fact, one breaks the sbrisolona with one’s hands, crumbling it."

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Milanese panettone, traditional Italian cake

"This delicious cake, enriched with raisins and candied fruit, has been the symbol of the Milanese pastry-making tradition for over five hundred years. It later spread throughout Italy, where it is associated with the Christmas season."

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It is a culture linked to the ritual nature of food and the celebration of convivial occasions, in which consumption is moderate and informed.

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