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Ferrari Perlé Nero Riserva

The taste of a challenge

The first and only Blanc de Noirs of the Company. This Reserve Trentodoc wine is the result of forty years’ experience of a variety as complex and delicate as Pinot Noir.

Colour and perlage

Bright golden highlights, embellished by perlage of rare finesse.


Spectacular complexity on the nose, full of tropical sensations and scents that range from fruity to mineral and even toast-like, with intriguing notes of peanut butter.


Sumptuous in taste, framed by razor-sharp tanginess and a citrus-like freshness. The flavour is full and rounded. Persistent and exquisitely almondy, with a beguiling and majestic finish.

Remarkably different,
proudly unique.


Carbonara with Bucatini pasta

"Carbonara sauce evokes the Lazio Region, in particular the area of the Ciociaria. It is no accident that it shares the use of pecorino and pepper with another classic of this area, "cacio e pepe” (cheese and pepper); indeed, it seems to be a variant of the latter, referred to as "cacio e ovo” (cheese and egg)."

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Focaccia and mortadella with Bronte pistachios

"The bold freshness of Pinot Noir and the persistent dryness of this Trentodoc cleanse the palate and set off perfectly the aromatic aftertaste of the pistachios."

read the aperitif

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