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Ferrari Perlé Rosé Riserva

Moments to savour

A vintage rosé made ​​from a careful selection of Pinot Noir and Chardonnay grapes from vineyards owned by the family. It wins you over with its refined style and aristocratic persistence.

Colour and perlage

The elegant perlage is resplendent amidst its old rose hues.


The bouquet is intense, dominated by elegant notes of berries. The attractive scents of roses and raspberries give way to perceptions of biscuits and hints of candied orange.


It is precious and velvety, supported by excellent structure that highlights the typical qualities of Pinot Noir. It is enhanced by a delicate hint of spices, sweet almonds and yeast. The finish is long and persistent.

Bubbles that are as seductive
as caresses, delicate as petals,
precious as pearls.


Milanese veal cutlet

"Together with saffron risotto and panettone, this is one of the most typical dishes of Milanese cuisine: in the traditional version, the loin chop – served on the bone - is thick, breaded and fried in butter, cooked medium-rare."

Alfio Ghezzi Chef Ferrari
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Focaccia and lard from Colonnata

"The fresh and slightly spicy taste of Pinot Noir goes wonderfully with the fattiness of the lard."

Alfio Ghezzi Chef Ferrari
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