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28 March 2024

Ferrari Trento participates in Trento bio.logicA 2024, a new event dedicated to agriculture, sustainability and healthy lifestyles

Ferrari Trento is among the key players of Trento bio.logicA 2024, a two-day initiative, on the 16th  and 17th of March, dedicated to agriculture, sustainability, food policies and healthy lifestyles, organised by Apt Trento and financed by the Municipality of Trento in collaboration with the Trento Biodistrict association, Muse and Nutrire Trento. The goal of this event, which aims to become an annual appointment, is to raise awareness on these issues, bringing the city and countryside closer together through moments of meeting, sharing and reflection. It is a project that was born in a city that has always had a strong bond with the territory, with its diverse natural elements, from the valley floor to high altitudes, and that has, for this reason, developed a solid urban fabric, strong in culture, excellence and sustainability.

In this context, Ferrari Trento represents a company that for over 120 years has been able to interpret and enhance the extraordinary territory that hosts it, acting in a way that is attentive to sustainability, not only from a production point of view but also socially, creating an ongoing dialogue with its community.

The organic and Biodiversity Friend certification of all the estate’s vineyards, in fact, confirms not only an important milestone achieved in this regard, but also a tool that undoubtedly enhances the value of those who work in the vineyard, transforming them into custodians of their land. The constant work to promote the Trentodoc appellation and mountain viticulture on a national and international level, moreover, demonstrates how the Ferrari&Trento duo is truly indissoluble.

The story of this very close bond with the land and Trento was the subject of a guided tour of the winery, scheduled from 10 am. to 1 pm. on March 16th, organised for Trento bio.logicA 2024 and led by Paolo Pontalti, a member of the Gruppo Lunelli Agronomic Team, who took guests on a walk through the vineyards of Villa Margon, one of the most prestigious 16th-century mansions in the Alps and Gruppo Lunelli’s hospitality center. From its marvellous frescoes, restored to their ancient splendour by the Lunelli family, guests were able to discover the rural traditions that have characterised the area and mountain viticulture for centuries. On the walk through the vineyards, they learned about the sustainable farming practices that Ferrari Trento has created and respected.

According to this year’s theme, ‘The social value of agriculture between care and custody’, another not-to-be-missed event on the agenda for Sunday March 17th  at Villa San Ignazio was led by Marcello Lunelli, Vice President of Ferrari Trento and Technical Manager of Gruppo Lunelli, together with Luca Pedrotti, President of the Società Cooperativa San Samuele with which the winery collaborates on major social initiatives, and Giulia Delladio. During the path was discussed how the green islands of vegetable gardens and small peri-urban plots dispersed in the fabric of the town, connect the city center with the neighbouring natural environments.

All in all, this interesting event, which already, in its first edition, was able to bring together many virtuous realities of the territory and offer numerous activities and food for thought to visitors, represents a valuable initiative for Trento and its rural area, of which Ferrari and the entire Lunelli Group are long-standing ambassadors also at an international level.

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