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Sweetbread, bitter herbs & pines



  • 4 pieces veal-sweetbread of 50 g
  • 20 g Vealjus
  • butter.

Keep the Sweetbread under running water for 24 hours. Cook them in boiling water for about 2 minutes, cool them straight away in the ice water. Remove all the skin.
Pan fry the sweetbread with lots of butter on all the sides, add salt and finish fish the Vealjus on top.


  • 150 ml grape-seed oil
  • 100 g Chicken stock
  • 40 g sorrel
  • 160 g clover
  • 25 ml apple balsamic vinegar
  • salt

Put all the ingredients in the thermomix and add slowly the grape-seed oil until the Emulsion gets united properly. Adjust with salt.


  • 150 g young larch pine
  • 300 ml sugar brine (2 g sugar for 1 liter of water)
  • 100 g sorrel

Put the Larch pines in a glass and add the sugar brine. Leave it for 7 days to absorb all the flavor.
Mix the juice together with the sorrel and strain afterwards.


  • 120 g thyme leaves
  • 80 ml grape-seed oil

Put the thyme with the oil together in a vacuum bag for 24 hours. Open the bag and repeat process.


Put a quenelle of the Sour Emulsion at the plate. Add the sweetbread next to it and decorate it with the herbs. Add a bit of the Larch Pine Juice and finish with the Thyme-oil.

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