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18 November 2011

And also at the Bolshoi they are toasting with Ferrari bubbles

Along the line of great theaters toasting with Ferrari bubbles we can now add one of the most famous, an authentic temple of great music and spectacular theater, the Bolshoi of Moscow, or to repeat the full name, the Bolshoi Theater of Russia. They made the toast on an especially portentous date for superstitious people, Friday 11 November, or 11/11/11.  On that date the Bolshoi hosted a grand evening during which Rubelli, a mythic name in the textile industry (specifically for theatrical furnishings), celebrated one of the most splendid works of his lifetime: the remaking of the drop curtains and all the curtains of the legendary Muscovite theater. An order was placed for the work in 2007 and was celebrated on the 28 October with the official re-opening of the Bolshoi.  On Friday 11 November a great event was held and many important personalities were invited, not only Russian, but also from politics, culture, and show business.  During the celebration one of the protagonists was Ferrari bubbles, symbol of Italian excellence.