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Ferrari Maximum Demi-Sec

An exciting end to a meal

A sweetish accompaniment for dessert, it is made entirely from carefully selected Chardonnay grapes. It is highly fragrant and has a very rounded flavour.

Colour and perlage

A glowing straw yellow colour, with persistent perlage.


Gentle and persistent, offering sensations of ripe fruit, almond paste, biscuits and a rich floral bouquet thanks to its more than three years’ageing on the yeasts.


Mellow, elegant and harmonious. Alongside the fruity notes one finds suggestions of vanilla and yeast, which linger a long time on the palate. The marked roundedness is the result of a higher sugar level.

Generous bubbles
that sweeten
the senses.


Val di Non renette apple pie

"The reputation of Trentino apples has made this dessert an icon among traditional mountain pastries: the essential finish for any convivial lunch."

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Venetian Zaletti cookies

""Mothers, tease your children with these zaletti; but warn them not to try them if you do not want to hear them cry for the very likely reason that they will only get a very small portion of them…": so wrote Pellegrino Artusi in 1891 in his Science in the Kitchen and the Art of Eating Well about these simple yet irresistible biscuits based on cornmeal and raisins."

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Ferrari Trento promotes a culture of drinking responsibly which is part of the Italian Art of Living.

It is a culture linked to the ritual nature of food and the celebration of convivial occasions, in which consumption is moderate and informed.

Enter the website only if you share this approach and if you are of the legal age to drink alcohol in your country: a world of excellence awaits you!

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