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12 October 2009

Ferrari is ?bubbles of the month? at Harrods in London

For the first time Italian classic method sparkling wines have been chosen as bubbles of the month at Harrods in London: bubbles produced by Ferrari F.lli Lunelli spa. Each month Harrods, traditionally, promotes a historical and world famous trademark and now it is Ferrari’s turn. This means that the Trentino bubbles have a place of honour, as well as an exclusive window in that little paradise of all that is luxurious, which is Harrods of London. Italian producers of sparkling wines had been excluded from this extraordinary showcase, but now the protagonists are the well-known labels Ferrari Brut, Ferrari Perlé and Giulio Ferrari which, imported into Great Britain by Vinum, were immediately sold out. Being chosen as “Bubbles of the Month” has also given the Ferrari labels particular visibility in the Harrods catalogue, a couple of thousands of copies of which are sent to a very select clientele.

Ferrari Trento promotes a culture of drinking responsibly which is part of the Italian Art of Living.

It is a culture linked to the ritual nature of food and the celebration of convivial occasions, in which consumption is moderate and informed.

Enter the website only if you share this approach and if you are of the legal age to drink alcohol in your country: a world of excellence awaits you!

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