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28 July 2009

An ordinary society evening at Porto Cervo with the opening of Ferrari Spazio Bollicine

This evening should be framed and remembered as one of the most wonderful. And this was how many wanted to define the opening of Ferrari Spazio Bollicine in the Piazzetta of Porto Cervo, one of the most symbolic places for the glitterati. An evening made memorable for the beautiful people who attended, starting with the special guest, Claudia Andreatti, Miss Italia 2006, its refinement and the novelty of the cocktails that followed. Such as the Blooming Perlé, a fascinating combination of Ferrari Perlé and hibiscus, offered at the start of the evening and accompanied by delicacies created by Peter Brunel. The Blooming Perlé was followed by a jeroboam which was partnered by other delicacies, this time typical Sardinian products. And to end, two other cocktails, both with Perlé and Segnana grappa, with clearly allusive names and inspired by the characteristics of the distillate, elegant and aristocratic, Perl…ei (for her in Italian), while strong and masculine, Perl…ui (for him).

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