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12 December 2023

Ferrari Trento’s Sustainability Report is among the12 High Performers in the Future Respect 2023 Index

Ferrari Trento’s Sustainability Report was selected as one of the 12 High Performers of the year in the Future Respect 2023 Index, following a vote by consumers, who were asked to choose among the 50 Sustainability Reports considered to be the clearest, most engaging and capable of promoting a culture of sustainability.

In fact, the Report was described as ‘readable and committed to promoting a culture of sustainability, comprehensive and circumstantial in its representation of governance, and capable of facilitating informed choices by consumers’. 

This award is the result of a careful evaluation by experts, who examined more than 3,500 Sustainability Reports and then selected 50 of them for consumers to vote on online.

The reasons for this success highlight several key aspects of the Ferrari Trento Sustainability Report, summarised in three key concepts:

  • Clarity in Sustainable Governance: Ferrari Trento explained its sustainable governance in an understandable and comprehensive manner, making it easier for consumers to make informed choices.
  • Promoting a Culture of Sustainability: the report highlighted best practices for promoting a culture of sustainability through effective, engaging and distinctive storytelling.
  • Readability and Effectiveness: The clarity and completeness with which the Ferrari Trento Sustainability Report has been drawn up, demonstrate how the company operates for profit without negative external impacts.

These characteristics help generate trust and encourage responsible lifestyles among consumers, making the Ferrari Trento Sustainability Report a valuable document.

The Future Respect Index is supported by three leading consumer associations – Adiconsum, Adoc and Confconsumatori – together with ConsumerLab. Its main objective is to make consumers aware of the importance of carefully evaluating how companies deal with environmental, social and conduct issues described in their Sustainability Reports.

This award is further recognition for Ferrari Trento in its great commitment to environmental and social sustainability issues, which it has been summarising in its Sustainability Report for three years now.  Themes that have actually been part of the company’s philosophy for many years and are based on the conviction that a company – even more so if it is a family business and deeply rooted in the territory – must not only create value for its shareholders, but also generate wellbeing, safety and beauty for its employees and the community that hosts it.

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