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13 June 2019

The 12th «Title, Cover, and Article of the Year» Ferrari Press Awards go to Avvenire, Millennium and Crea Traveller

The Italian Catholic newspaper Avvenire won the twelfth edition of Ferrari Award «Titolo dell’Anno» with “Fuga di Mezzogiorno”; Millennium, the monthly supplement of Il Fatto Quotidiano, «La Copertina dell’Anno» with “Come non diventare un nuovo schiavo”Crea Traveller, refined Japanese travel magazine, won the international Ferrari award «Arte di Vivere Italiana – Articolo dell’Anno» with the long reportage “Secret Southern Italy”. The first two places will get 1,000 bottles of Ferrari Trentodoc, while Crea Traveller will live a great experience in Italy.

The award announced by Ferrari Trento was bestowed on Avvenire for the title which appeared on the front page published on Thursday, August 2, 2018, with the  following : “With “Fuga di Mezzogiorno”, Avvenire summarized the alarming data on Southern Italy proposed by Svimez: in sixteen years two million people have fled the South and despite this exodus, 600,000 families are unemployed. “Fuga di Mezzogiorno” expresses in an exemplary way the seriousness of the situation”.

The victory of the “Cover of the Year” goes to Millennium for artwork published in the September 2018 issue. The choice was explained by the jury: “Two hands tightening the bars from which filters an inscription “How not to become a new slave”, and cruel data such as increasingly lower wages, unemployment of over 10% and denied rights: Millennium has portrayed Italy with a very impactful cover, which, intentionally cold and distant, is the denounce of the depersonalization of work and indifference for the individual as a prisoner of the barcode”.

Crea Traveler, elegant Japanese travel magazine, received the international Ferrari Award «Article of the Year» for a long report signed by Mina Ihara, entitled «Secret Southern Italy», dedicated to Matera, Calabria and Puglia. As the jury states, “The article, particularly appreciated for the richness of photography, is an elegy of Southern Italy and celebrates the beauty and charm of these unique lands for their cultural and artistic treasures”.

The twelfth edition of the Ferrari Award drew the attention to the South of Italy and their difficulties, especially their bad employment opportunities and conditions, but also the great potential of their places, traditions and extraordinary art heritage. They discussed these topics on June 12th at Triennale in Milan, during the prizegiving night presented by Gerardo Greco where qualified representatives of press, culture and business community were present.

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