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11 November 2022


The second, long-awaited release of the Riserva that Ferrari Trento has dedicated to the progenitor of the Lunelli family is a special collectors’ wine, and has also become an NFT. From the extraordinary 2006 vintage, this wine marks the hundredth anniversary of the birth of a visionary entrepreneur, Bruno Lunelli,  and presents itself as a highly collectible “one-off”. The result of meticulous care in the vineyard and winery, this special Riserva stands out thanks to the particular shape of the bottle with its convex bottom, and is also combined with the first NFT from Ferrari Trento, thus seeking to become a perfect synthesis of the Company’s fundamental values.

For 120 years now, Ferrari Trento has in fact written a story of passion for the terroir of Trentino and for its mountainside vineyards, along with pursuing constant innovation. This is a characteristic that Bruno Lunelli had inherited from the Company’s founder, Giulio Ferrari, and that he succeeded in transforming into the entrepreneurial spirit that would give rise to the success of his family firm. Today his grandchildren, the third generation of the Lunelli family, pay tribute to him with a fine Riserva, produced in only 6891 numbered bottles, which also enters into the world of the NFTs, digital certificates of authenticity that attest to the uniqueness of every single bottle.

After rigorous selection of the plots from which to obtain the finest Chardonnay from mountainside vineyards, masterly assemblage, and maturation for 16 years, the Ferrari Riserva Bruno Lunelli 2006has raised the bar of perfection. Complex, deep, mature and at the same time graceful, with generous perlage and great persistence, this super premium sparkling wine offers a subtle combination of strength and finesse. Thanks also to the 2006 vintage, characterised by alternating meteorological events that were as unusual as they were unexpected, the personality of this Trentodoc is unique, just like that of the man who, with great courage, traced the route for the future successes of Ferrari Trento.

The greatness of this sparkling wine, cosseted in every detail by Ferrari’s oenologists under the guidance of Ruben Larentis, is also highlighted by the particularly refined design of its packaging, a treasure chest that protects and gives added value to its legendary contents.

With this wine, which comes 11 years after the first release, the 1995, and is seeing the light in the 120th anniversary of the winery, Ferrari Trento reinforces its links with its history but continues to look towards the future, pushing the limits of excellence ever higher.

Ferrari Trento promotes a culture of drinking responsibly which is part of the Italian Art of Living.

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