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23 August 2023

Ferrari Trento: the grape harvest gets underway

Ferrari Trento kicked off the 2023 grape harvest a few days ago. In a particularly challenging year from a meteorological point of view, with copious rainfall, recently interspersed with very hot days, the expertise and in-depth knowledge of organic viticulture practices of Ferrari Trento’s team of Agronomists was indispensable. After the recent hailstorms precise verification and tighter than usual monitoring of the ripening bunches was carried out, so that only grapes in perfect condition could be pressed and the desired quality obtained.

“The 2023 grape harvest, one of the most complex in recent years, has resilience as its keyword. The seasonal trend has required numerous interventions and all our experience to achieve a selected manual harvest, able to meet our very high standards of excellence,’ comments Marcello Lunelli, Vice President of Ferrari Trento.

The harvest begins with the Chardonnay vineyards at the lowest altitude, then continues with the Pinot Noir, gradually ascending to those soils where the vines benefit from a greater temperature variation between day and night. This is the characteristic, unique to mountainous areas, that guarantees the acidity of the grapes, a fundamental element for the production of excellent sparkling wines.

During the harvest the fruits of daily work in the vineyard are reaped thanks to the virtuous practices used to guarantee the health of the grapes: the intensification of green management activities, the use of green manure that nourishes and improves the permeability of the soil, the maintenance of biodiversity in the soils, and the working of the rows according to a logic of maximum vegetative balance.

The commitment at every step, from the vineyard to the glass, that has distinguished Ferrari Trento for 121 years, is increasingly reflected in the attention paid to matters of sustainability as confirmed by the Biodiversity Friend certification gained in 2015, organic certification of all the family owned vineyards in 2017 and the request to the more than 700 vine growers to respect the “Il Vigneto Ferrari” protocol for healthy and sustainable mountain viticulture.

This long-term vision also includes having invested in increasingly differentiated soils in terms of altitude and exposure, an absolutely decisive and topical choice, aimed at maintaining the constant quality of Ferrari Trentodocs, the ‘mountain sparkling wine’ par excellence.

Ferrari Trento promotes a culture of drinking responsibly which is part of the Italian Art of Living.

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