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22 June 2018

The 11th «Title, Cover, and Article of the Year» Ferrari Press Awards go to La Stampa, 7 and Le Monde

The 11th «Title of the Year» Ferrari Press Award went to the daily newspaper La Stampa, for its article devoted to the topic of violence against women, which was introduced by the compelling title “Il silenzio delle innocenti” (a play on words based on the movie title “The silence of the lambs”). The weekly 7 of Corriere della Sera, managed by editor Beppe Severgini, conquered the «Cover of the Year» award by publishing a front-page that questioned the role of migrants in Italy under the thought-provoking title “Servo?” (a play on words based on the double meaning of a word that taken as a noun means “slave” while taken as a verb means “am I useful?” or “may I help you?”). The magazine M – Magazine du Monde brought home the «Italian Art of Living – Article of the Year» Ferrari Press Award thanks to its exhaustive inquiry on the city of Milan, presented by a cover entitled “Milan, the temple of good taste“.

The cultural initiative Ferrari Press Awards was established by the company located in Trentino to reward the creativity shown by Italian editors with their titles and covers, as well as emphasise the work of foreign press actors that celebrate everything that is beautiful, tasteful and well made in Italy, making Ferrari Trento a proud Italian ambassador in the World.

The prize giving ceremony took place on June 21 at Triennale di Milano. Giuseppe Sala, mayor of Milan, attended the event, which featured also a debate moderated by Cristina Parodi on the role of Milan as Italian lifestyle capital. The discussion involved Claudio Luti, President of Salone del Mobile, and the architect Michele de Lucchi.

The panel of judges provided the following motivation to the prize awarded to La Stampa for the title “Il silenzio delle innocenti“, published on October 4, 2017: “Sexual violence against women is a widespread phenomenon, yet estimates tell us that only 12% of cases are reported to the police. Silence is fuelled by fear, ransom, the victims’ feeling of guilt or fear of being judged. La Stampa inquired all this aspects with an exemplary research that is well framed by a title that fully conveys the dramatic experience lived by all women victim of this kind of violence”.

The weekly magazine of Corriere della Sera was awarded the «Cover of the Year» prize for its issue published on June 1, 2017. The jury motivated its decision as follows: “The clean simplicity of the cover published by 7 with one image, a one-word title, and a brief summary has the same impact of a powerful op-ed. The elegance of its graphics, the rhetorical dimension of the question asked, and the irony of the only word contained in the title – “Servo?” – force readers to think about the usefulness of immigration”.

Among the rich selection of finalist articles in the category «Italian Art of Living – Article of the Year», the one published by M – Magazine du Monde and authored by Jérôme Gautheret was deemed to be the best. This article was published in the issue of April and it was devoted to the city of Milan, labelled as “temple of good taste” and “city of astonishing modernity, capital of luxury and design”.

La Stampa and 7 will receive 1,000 bottles of Ferrari Brut Trentodoc, while one representative of Le Monde will enjoy a stay in some of the best hotels in Italy and directly witness the pleasures of the Italian Art of Living.

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