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23 October 2019

Ferrari’s sparkling wines help celebrate Italian Cinema’s Oscars

Ferrari ‘s Trentodocs were the only wines served at the exclusive dinner to celebrate the Oscars that the Academy organised for the first time in Rome, at Palazzo Barberini on Tuesday 8th October.

This was a very large-scale event with more than 180 guests, including Italian Oscar winners and the Italian members of the Academy’s jury. Carlo Verdone, Monica Bellucci, Giuseppe Tornatore and Ennio Morricone were just some of the stars who attended, along with many other major figures in the Italian film industry. The preparation of the dinner was entrusted to Chef Davide Oldani and all the festive drinks were supplied by Cantine Ferrari.

The chef decided to begin the dinner with his signature dish of a poached egg with pumpkin and Port cream and crunchy puff pastry, accompanied by Ferrari Maximum Blanc de Blancs, recently launched in its new packaging. This was followed by orange caviar, passito wine, radicchio, raisins and fregola, and black cod, lettuce and a scent of anise, both paired with Ferrari Maximum Rosé. Dessert was Zuccotto d’O, vanilla and Fragola grape compote with Ferrari Maximum Demi-sec, the perfect sparkling wine for enhancing the end of a meal thanks to its harmonious, medium-sweet taste.

This, then, was an evening that was designed to celebrate the fine Cinema of Italy, partly through our country’s outstanding food and wines: products that have always been part of the national consciousness and that our cinema has succeeded admirably in conveying around the world. It was a perfect combination of everything that the Italian Art of Living represents: passion, elegance and the ability to enjoy every moment, values for which Ferrari is proud to be a global ambassador.

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